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European Auto Repair in pinellas

You are not just driving any old vehicle. You are driving a piece of luxury European craftsmanship. When people hear the word luxury, they think of a European car — your car. At RB Auto Service, we know how intricate and powerful these cars are and how important it is to be serviced by experts. At RB Auto Service in Pinellas Park, you won’t regret come to see us, and your car will thank you. We are your European Auto Repair Pinellas Park’s #1 choice!

European Auto Repair in Pinellas Park

When it comes to your car, you want the best care. When it comes to your European vehicle, you want exceptional care. That is where our expert technicians here at RB Auto Service have to offer. We are the best European Auto Repair Service center in all of Pinellas Park. You wouldn’t take your prized racehorse to just any veterinarian, so why would you take your European car to any general automotive shop? At RB Auto Service, we can perform any repair your vehicle may need.

European Auto Repair Near Me

We service all European cars, including:

  • BMW / MINI
  • Mercedes / Smart
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Fiat
  • & More

Whether it is a simple oil change or replacing a CV axle, we have expert technicians and up-to-date tools to take care of you and your car. See us for reliable, honest service, and let us take care of your luxury European car.

Audi Services Pinellas Park FL

Bringing your Audi into RB Auto Service is the best thing you can do for your vehicle. We are the European auto experts in the Pinellas Park area and bring years of experience to the table. RB Auto Service is your one-stop-shop for all your Audi service needs. Give us a visit today and get the right services for your car.

Porsche Services Pinellas Park FL

At RB Auto Service, we serve many vehicles, and we love working on every one of them. We get a feeling of pride when we see your cars drive away, knowing that you are safe and well cared for. For your Porsche, bring it to RB Auto Service and get your automotive needs met. We are the dealer alternative for your Porsche.

Volkswagen Services Pinellas Park FL

Have a Volkswagen and don’t know where to bring it for service? Well, look no further, RB Auto Service is the best European auto service center in Pinellas Park, FL, and we offer outstanding quality service for you and your vehicle. Bring your VW into us today, whether it be an oil change or a significant repair. We look forward to having you walk through our doors.

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