Audi Repair in Pinellas

There’s a lot to be said for running errands in a high-performance European car like an Audi. If you want to keep that Audi running as well as it did the first time you drove it, you need to maintain it properly. RB Auto Service has suggestions that can make that easier.

Your Audi Needs Routine Maintenance and Service

Routine maintenance and adhering to the Audi recommended service schedule outlined in your owner’s manual is key to keeping your Audi purring along like the fine European auto that it is.

  • Oil changes need to be done between 5,000 and 7,500 miles, with the right oil.
  • Filters, including air, cabin, fuel, and more need to be inspected and changed.
  • Brake fluid should be flushed and refilled every 30,000 miles or three years.
  • Coolant should be flushed and refilled every 40,000 miles.
  • Transmission needs vary depending on the transmission in the car, which is why having a mechanic you trust in Pinellas Park, FL is crucial.
  • Tire rotations should be done with every oil change.
  • Timing belts need servicing every 80,000 to 90,000 miles.

All of this is a lot to keep up with on your own, but RB Auto Service is happy to keep tabs on your Audi’s needs for you.

Audi Maintenance in Pinellas Park, FL Might Start at the Pump

Something that you might not have considered is that maintaining your Audi may actually start at the pump. The fuel that you put into your Audi matters a lot. Double check the owner’s manual to see what the recommended octane level is for your particular engine. Chances are that you might be putting in a lower octane level than your Audi truly needs, and that can make a huge difference in terms of overall performance.

Watch for Warning Signs with Your Audi

Every car has dashboard warning lights, including your Audi. Those warning lights aren’t just for show, either. Make sure that if you do see a warning light come on, that you pay attention to what it means. This is the best way for you to avoid expensive repairs and multiple issues at a time with your Audi. Common warning lights you might see could include:

  • ABS brake light
  • Oil light
  • Check engine light

Audi Repair Near Me

We can take the complications out of keeping your Audi purring. Give us a call at RB Auto Service in Pinellas Park, FL and we can set up an appointment. Whether your Audi needs repair or simple routine maintenance, we’ve got the experience you can trust.

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