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Sprinter vans are popular with a wide range of people for many reasons. First, they’re ready for you to haul just about anything and you can still fit people into the van. They’re not difficult to drive at all, either, making them perfect for everything from courier services to campers. RB Auto Service understands your Sprinter van means a lot to you, and we want to help you to maintain it.

Maintaining a Mercedes Sprinter in Pinellas Park, FL

Maintaining a Sprinter is a fairly straightforward prospect, especially if you are paying attention to the service recommendations. Every 10,000 miles your Sprinter should have its oil changed, have the fuel filter replaced, and check brakes and tires for wear. The right service team also checks and fills all your fluids. Every 20,000 miles, your Sprinter needs the same service but also needs the air filter and the cabin air filter swapped out.

Transmission Service Is Especially Important

One of the most important parts of your Sprinter’s service might actually be the transmission, though. Most people purchase a Mercedes Sprinter because they’re planning to haul something and that puts a strain on the transmission, depending on how heavy the items you’re hauling are. Roughly between 40,000 and 90,000 miles your Sprinter’s transmission fluid needs to be flushed and refilled. The transmission also needs to be checked for anything that seems out of the ordinary or that needs repair. Adhering to this service ensures that your Sprinter can keep working hard for you.

Don’t Trust Your Sprinter to Just Anyone

The important thing to remember is that Sprinter service in Pinellas Park, FL shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone, especially if you’re in need of Sprinter repair. Sprinter vans have specific needs and that means taking your Sprinter to an experienced set of technicians who will make sure that your Mercedes Sprinter is ready to go whenever you need it to be. You didn’t choose a Sprinter so that it could sit in a shop most of the time. You chose it to be a workhorse and having a mechanic you can trust keeping up with recommended service ensures that it will continue to work for you every day.

Sprinter Repair Near Me

Need service for your Sprinter? RB Auto Service in Pinellas Park, FL can help. Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to take a look at your Sprinter needs. Whether you want a steady, reliable service schedule or you need repair, we have the experience to do the job right.

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